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Nuestro equipo

Nuestro equipo
Nuestro equipo

Preparados para la apasionante tarea de enseñar inglés a los más pequeños

Nuestra prioridad es encontrar personas que puedan enseñar y motivar a los niños a aprender inglés, que conecten y tengan empatía con los más pequeños. Un gran dominio del inglés, dinamismo, profesionalidad, empatía y una gran motivación por su trabajo son las principales características de nuestro equipo docente.

A continuación os los presentamos:

  • Isabel Galindo

    Isabel Galindo

    Hello everyone! My name is Isabel, and this is my second year teaching in Kids&Us, I’m so excited to start this new course and to meet all new and old faces. Last year I taught Marcia, Emma and Pam and Paul levels and this year I will teach Marcia, Emma and Oliver. I’ve always loved learning English language and I’m looking forward to be able to pass that love to the kids I’ll be teaching! See you at the school!

  • Laurence Garcia

    Laurence Garcia

    Hello everyone! My name is Laurence García and I am thrilled to be working at Kids&Us for my fourth year. It has been a learning experience throughout the years but I have become more confident each year. As an educator there is always room to grow and that is the mindset I have each and every day. I am also excited to have the chance to teach some new courses apart from those I have taught already. I'm excited to meet the parents and most of all, watch their children grow.

  • Anna Weber

    Anna Weber

    Hello everyone! My name is Anna and I am very excited to say that I am a new teacher here at Kids&Us. I have recently moved to Segovia from Madrid, where I have been tutoring and teaching at schools for the past ten years. I am completely bilingual in English and Spanish and have lived in, and travelled to, many different countries worldwide. I am passionate about teaching and enthusiastic to be embarking on a new adventure in this amazing programme with all of you. See you soon!

  • Isabel Cobos

    Isabel Cobos

    Dear families, I’m pleased to start a new journey in Kids&Us with all of you. I’m used to work in an English learning environment with kids, teachers and parents for more than 20 years. Now, as an Academic Coordinator in Kids&Us, I’m at your service to help your children to learn the English language with the best method in a friendly atmosphere. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for whatever you need. See you all at the Kids&Us Tweens and Teens school!!

  • Belén Aranguren

    Belén Aranguren

    Hello everyone, it's nice to see you again! My name is Belén. It's my second year as a member of the Kids&Us Segovia team. In the mornings, I study to become an illustrator. However, in the afternoons I will teach Marcia and Pam and Paul courses here. I've been fascinated by the English language ever since I was little. As I grew up, my interest only got bigger and bigger! I love being part of children's learning process. Watching their curiosity, to learn and have fun is an honour and a great responsibility. I will do my very best to ensure that the kids will love introducing the English language to their lives in a comfortable and joyful atmosphere. See you all at the school!

  • Mitchell Hernández

    Mitchell Hernández

    Hello everyone! I'm super excited to be part of this Kids&Us team this year. My name is Mitchell and I’m going to start a new journey as a teacher in Kids&Us. Before working at Kids&Us I worked as an educator. I am passionate about teaching and I love children. This year I am going to do my best so that we can learn while having fun. I'll be teaching Linda, Sam and Oliver. See you around!

  • Guillermina Barrios

    Guillermina Barrios

    Hello Everyone! My name is Guille and I am happy to be back to Kids&Us Segovia. Although this will be my second year here, I have been teaching both kids and Tweens since 2019 in another Kids&Us centre in Madrid. A few years ago I decided to make a radical change in my life and thought I would put my English to good use, and so I dived right into the teaching world, which I have discovered I absolutely love!!! I consider English my first language (apart from Spanish), since I was raised in South Africa, and understand the importance of being able to communicate and speak with fluency no matter where you use it. I have had the chance to see with my own eyes that this methodology not only works, but it also helps build self-confidence and gives our students the tools needed to face any obstacles in their present and future endeavours. I look forward to meeting you all!!

  • Iman El Mimouni

    Iman El Mimouni

    Hi everyone! My name is Iman and this will be my second year as a teacher in Kids&Us, I enjoyed every second of last year and I'm super excited about the upcoming one. Before working at Kids&Us I worked as an educator to little kids. I'm looking forward to being the best teacher I can and getting better day-by-day. I have always loved English and having the opportunity of working here and being part of the children's learning is incredible. This year I will be teaching Tweens, Pam & Paul and Ben & Brenda. I'm very excited to start and meet all of you!

  • Thor Pettersson

    Thor Pettersson

    Hello everyone, my name is Thor and I am excited to be part of the team at Kids and Us Segovia one more year. I am a native English speaker and I have spent many years living in both the UK and USA. While my academic background is in ancient history and archaeology, I also have a passion for learning and sharing language and I look forward to helping the kids practice and hone their English language skills. See you at the school!

  • Bea Pérez

    Bea Pérez

    Hi everyone! My name is Bea and I´m really excited to be part of this Kids&Us team! It´s my second year here I am sure that it’s going to be a great experience for growing up together. Currently, I’m also working in a nursery school and I have experience in children with learning difficulties. I´ve worked as a teacher for many years and that helps me to be able to adapt any curricular material. I really believe that being a teacher is a daily gift, as learning from the hand of the little ones is incredible. Let´s start this adventure again!

  • María Delgado

    María Delgado

    Hi everyone! My name is Maria, as some of you may already know, and I’m super happy to be part of our Kids&Us team one more year. I’m an early childhood educator and I’ve been teaching English to babies and kids for more than 7 years. I find this job super exciting and I love to go and teach at the nurseries, because it’s amazing to see how babies improve day after day thanks to the routines we follow at Kids&Us. I’m looking forward to seeing you all!

  • Isabel Sánchez

    Isabel Sánchez

    Hi everyone! My name is Isabel and this is my second year teaching at Kids&Us. I am a teacher in primary education with the specialty in English. I have experience as a teacher in other academies in Madrid and in a nursery in Ireland. My biggest passions are education and languages and I am very happy to have the opportunity to pass on my love for them to the children. This year I'll be teaching Mousy, Linda, Sam and Emma. See you soon!

  • Victor Gasó

    Victor Gasó

    Hi, I'm Victor and work at Kids&Us as a Director. I've been trained as an English philologist and I feel a deep love for the English language. It wasn't my favourite subjet at High School though, but then I realised that learning English would fulfill my dreams: to become an international tennis official. I've been working as such for more than 20 years, and I've travelled the world thanks to that job, which I still enjoy from time to time. But today my life journey, job-wise, is Kids&Us and this amazing methodology. It's so satisfying to see how the kids learn to talk. However, this is not a miracle, but the perseverance of the families at home with the routines, and the hard work of teachers and school coordinators who I work with. See you at the school.

  • Tamara Arévalo

    Tamara Arévalo

    Hello everyone! My name is Tamara and I am the pedagogical coordinator at Babies and Kids centre. I have an ample experience in K&U methodology since I have previously taught in Mousy, Linda, Sam, Emma, Oliver and Marcia´s stages. Nowadays teachers and I work side by side to achieve our main goal: making students enjoy and feel comfortable while they learn english with every session! Their motivation is our because we know how rewarding is to see them developing their English language year by year. Hope to see you very soon!

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